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January 08, 2024


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I'd never have picked up these Severin releases, without your heads-up, Glenn! And I missed the commentary on the Thunderbolt and Lightfoot disc. Hope $20 in the tip jar will keep these coming.

Glenn Kenny

Thank you kindly. The plan now is to bring them about on a quarterly basis, hope to have the next up in early April.

Peter Avellino

Enjoyed reading this very much but also I hadn't heard of the French Revelations Blu and since I'd been wondering how to obtain Mauvaise Graine I greatly appreciate the info.

Glenn Kenny

Directly from the FLicker Alley website is the best way, Peter:


"it also represents the single solitary moment in Charles Bickford’s career in which he could credibly play anything even vaguely resembling a romantic lead."

See him also in Dynamite, a bonkers but fascinating De Mille movie from the previous year (De Mille's first talkie). Bickford is paired with Kay Johnson, the future mother of James Cromwell.

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