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December 19, 2023


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I saw 'Oppenheimer' twice in IMAX, both screenings completely sold out, then went on to catch the very last showing of 'The Boy and the Heron' in Hiroshima (yes, really!) at the end of its 100-day run. Two experiences as memorable as the films themselves.


You didn't see Past Lives? 2023 wasn't a vintage year, taking into account only a fraction of the films on your list have had theatrical showings, over the pond. The best films I saw in the cinema in 2023 were last year's crop - we lag behind. Tár, Banshees Of Inishirin, The Fabelmans, EO, All The Beauty and the Bloodshed, Marcel the Shell With Shoes On, Saint Omer. Oppenheimer was a Big Event and so was Napoleon - I don't feel the urge to see them again soon. The Boy and The Heron was the first Miyazaki film that didn't move me. Asteroid City lacked Bill Murray, Killers Of The Flower Moon could have used someone else than DiCaprio - but then Scorsese wouldn't have got the funding he wanted. And it dragged. Fallen Leaves will premiere here on Christmas Day. That will be my number one.

Glenn Kenny

I did see "Past Lives," and thought it was entirely respectable, and particularly enjoyed its use of a John Cale deep cut on the soundtrack. That said, it didn't really resonate all that strongly with me, in part because I've never been much of a "what might have been" guy. Not even as a drunk! And in the 14 years I've been sober any such inclinations have been squelched further. What happened happened, what's now is now, and I never think "what if?" At least in part because I'm in such a great place right now that I only need to appreciate that even the most wretched and painful parts of my past were crucial to getting me here.


I only saw seven new movies in theaters this year -- the fewest for me in 50 years -- but four of them are on your list: Oppenheimer, Asteroid City, Priscilla and Infinity Pool. The others were Evil Dead Rise, No Hard Feelings and Bottoms. Rachel Sennott rules!

I'm not going to see movies as long as Killers of the Flower Moon in theaters until intermissions come back. I think Titanic (1997) was the last movie I saw that had an intermission. Why did they go away?

Andrew Del Monte

I recommend checking out Zhang Yimou's "Full River Red" if you haven't. It's one of his strangest films, even darker than "Shadow," and I wonder if it's possible he's discreetly serving up some subversion alongside the film's more ostensible propagandistic message. Said wondering could be motivated by my ignorance of Chinese politics & current Chinese cinema, but if anyone is interested in reading a long-winded blog arguing this take on the film, find it here: https://www.weirdgeometry.com/blog/fullriverred


Just saw The Iron Claw and thought it was very, very good. If you can take the nonstop tragedy of the movie's second half (based on fact), worth seeing. The movie is very well made and every part is beautifully acted.

It struck me as the sort of movie John Ford or John Huston might have made, many decades ago. How did this get made in today's IP-saturated era for American movies?


Just saw Fallen Leaves. Like The Boy and The Heron, there is a lot of familiarity with previous films. But I'm going to say that this could possibly be Kaurismäki's greatest film. Who could have thought that "Early Morning Rain" on the soundtrack, in Finnish, could be so moving? That sequence, leading up to the pair meeting up again, outside the cinema, is one of the greatest I've seen in all movies.


Please keep the blog going. I just got into your blog and I love it!

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