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November 21, 2023


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Nobody does cult and classic cinema like you do! Extraordinary, as usual, Glenn! Have now ordered Blood and Black Lace and The Psychic - these cult gems tend to drown in the flood of mainstream movies, now being released. It's never been a better time to be a home theatre enthusiast.

I'll give you a tip: Umbrella Entertainment, down under in Australia, have just released their first two 4k UHD titles - and they would interest you. Peter Weir's The Last Wave and - most exciting - a brand new, director-approved, 4K restoration from the original camera negative of Andrzej Zulawski's masterpiece, Possession. I have the US Mondo Vision blu-ray and it is now rendered completely unwatchable, compared to this new restoration. On the 4K UHD one can actually see what's going on - it's immediately apparent from the opening shot, that the garishly over-saturated colours and way too high contrast on the blu-ray, have been corrected.


Takes three weeks to arrive by mail. These Australian releases might eventually receive Stateside or European releases, but why wait?


I'm still irritated that "Ed Wood" had Welles (Vincent D'Onfrio) complaining that Universal was forcing him to cast Charlton Heston as a Mexican. It was actually Welles' idea to make the character Mexican. (The character was white in the novel Badge of Evil and in the original script before Welles rewrote it.) Heston was already cast before Welles was approached to direct, at Heston's suggestion.

There are other points where Tim Burton's film departs from the facts. Very well made, well acted movie, though. And Touch of Evil is, of course, still great.


I agree, I like "Ed Wood" and it's arguably Burton's best film, but that joke was a cheap, lazy twisting of history. Especially disappointing coming from screenwriters who have often displayed a real appreciation and understanding of American film history.


"Ed Wood" also promoted the myth that Lugosi flopped on the Red Skelton show because the jokes and Skelton's ad-libbing threw him. But you can watch that sketch on YouTube, and it's clear that Bela was in on the joke and was having a good time. (Lon Chaney Jr. and Vampira are also in the sketch.)

mike schlesinger

Correction: Hepburn's debut was A BILL OF DIVORCEMENT.


Ooops, fixed.

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