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November 06, 2022


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Brian Dauth

Thank you Glenn for the guide and the risk-taking.

LANCELOT DU LAC has always been my favorite Bresson (might have been the first one I saw). The creator deity is gone, and everything is human scaled. The handing over of Guinevere is heart-breaking and prophetic.

James W

The only indespensable Consumer Guide out there. And always an honor when one of my favourite film writers chooses to include something I’ve worked on (ROBOCOP this time, TENEBRAE last - by way of the Synapse release, but hey ho) in his illustrious lineup. Thanks Glenn


Ah - great we didn't have to wait for months for another of your superb guides, Glenn! It's really entertaining reading your unexpurgated thoughts. Please keep jotting down your reactions to your future home video sessions and post them in similar fashion! I'm sending another $20, so that you know I mean it.


Oh - and by the way, Glenn, I keep getting error messages when I send the (occasional) bucks to your tip jar. Looks like the mac.com email address you use is invalid. Are you actually receiving tips and notifications?


Thanks much Titch. And the error messages are in error — the bucks came through, many thanks.


reminiscent of when NY Mag wags decided posting their Slack channel was worth a paywall. still. said with affection. and acknowledging that this lil blog is still gratis.


Best and most accurate review of Caligula I've ever read.

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