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February 19, 2022


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Really lovely, Glenn. Thank you.


Very nice piece. So sorry you lost your friend.

Marc Leland

This saddens me.

Nikki Busch

Loved this, Glenn. Joe was a sweet, one-of-a-kind guy. He’ll be missed.

Steven Uhrik

A beautiful tribute to your friend

Pete Apruzzese

Thank you for this. I was friends with Joe since 1981, our last film seen together was The Irishman. I enjoyed our all too few chats, many with with you, Glenn, after a classics show at the Lafayette on Saturdays. Somewhere in my stuff I have a cartoon he drew of me, I need to find it.

Craig Kaplan

Incredibly moving, Glenn. Anyone would be lucky to have such a remembrance. I’m very sorry for the loss of your friend.

Bruce Lundy

This is lovely, thank you. Makes me want to cherish my own friends more.


Beautiful write up, Glenn. Condolences.


Shocked. I saw Joe all the time at Stop & shop in Dumont. He wasmost of myh art classes at DHS.

Joe Scalia

Joe was a nice and friendly person He also said hello when I with my friend on Oak St
What great person

Vicki K

Thank you Glenn, I so enjoyed reading this. It's brought back a lot of fond memories. I spent a lot of time with Joe after high school but lost touch with him over the years. He was a wonderfully unique person and I feel sad that I hadn't seen him in so long.

Glenn Kenny

Thanks for your words, Vicki. I believe we met at least once during those times. If you are inclined, please get in touch at the contact email for this site ([email protected]) or at [email protected] . I am trying to organize a memorial for Joseph a few months down the line and I want to make sure everyone who can participate is in the loop.

Mark Zecca

Hi Glenn. Thank you for this beautiful recollection and tribute to Joe. I remember the many days we all would spend together. His dry humor amused me and his incredible knowledge of films was impressive. I thought his talent as an artist was outstanding and always told him so. Even though we lost contact decades ago, I remember him fondly. Marc Leland always kept me abreast. My best to you and I am so sorry for your loss. I know you were very close friends. MARK ZECCA


Wish I had stayed in touch with my high school and college friend who shared my pop culture interests. We drifted apart in our mid-20s, when we were living in different states, and never reconnected. This was in the '80s; staying in touch was harder before email and texting.

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