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December 08, 2020


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I've been looking at other "Best Of" lists as well. This is the worst year for movies at the cinema since....1963 (Oscar for best film Tom Jones, other nominees: America, America, Cleopatra, How The West Was Won, Lilies of the Field). But it's probably been the flat-out greatest year for blu ray and 4K UHD releases ever. Looking forward to an eventual blu-ray consumer guide, Glenn!

Glenn Kenny

It's funny — I started making notes for a "Special Quarantine Consumer Guide" in March and got pretty far through it but never finished it. As for 4K, I've got a bunch of discs sitting directly to my left (mostly mainstream, but I'm hoping for some cult stuff soon) awaiting their viewing on a PS5 whenever I can actually get one.

Andrew Del Monte

Gotta thank you for the "She Dies Tomorrow" rec. What a weird, haunting, funny movie. In a perfect world, Jane Adams would be a frontrunner for best supporting actress.

For when you eventually get around to Tenet, I can't help but plug a blog I wrote, which tries to get at what Nolan is up to by naming his protagonist "The Protagonist." I thought Tenet was relatively weak but the meta aspect was interesting. Blog: https://weirdgeometry.com/blog/tenet


1963 wasn't a bad year for film. If you're Italian. Or French. But 2020 may well be the worst year in film since 1929.


Sight & Sound have now published their list. I realise now that many of the films on both your list and S&S's have not been released over on the other side of the pond. But that still makes 2020 one of the shittiest years in film ever.

Wil E. Coyote

The link for Assayas' "Wasp network" goes to the Joan of Arc review.

Glenn Kenny

That's fixed. Thanks.


Not being a subscriber to any streaming service, this was the year I dropped out of seeing new movies.

LET HIM GO is the only movie on your list I saw. Also saw THE INVISIBLE MAN and FREAKY and ... that's all I remember.


2020 was also the year I stopped posting on sites devoted to fanboy-nerd IP (comic books, superhero movies, Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, etc). The anger and vitriol reached a peak, with the Snyder Cut fans leading the charge. So I bailed out.

These are also the fans who defend corporations and attack directors as ungrateful brats.

I've found that reading novels is a good alternative to the dumpster fire that pop culture has become.

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