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December 13, 2020


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I've long wondered if THE GENERAL DIED AT DAWN inspired Caniff's "Terry and the Pirates" (or vice versa) in subject matter and visual style.

Kevin Oppegaard

Outstanding, Glenn! And I bought your excellent Goodfellas book too. Going off on a bit of a tangent here, but your book is one of the few that I've read this year: we had an evening a month ago, where we watched Italianamerican on the Criterion Scorsese Shorts (there's one that should have been in your guide), made the meatballs that were served in both that and Goodfellas, and then we watched Goodfellas again.

You featured some cooking (gravy, as I recall) on your blog some years ago. Try the meatballs recipe.


Peter Nellhaus

We're in agreement about "Captain Kronos". I didn't know that Michael Carreras hated that film. This is the same guy who second guessed Monte Hellman and Seth Holt, two directors who've also served as editors, claiming their films "didn't cut together".


Last year when I was in Paris (seems like a lifetime ago) I caught both Winchester '73 and The Far Country on the big screen, and while I already knew the qualities of the former, the latter really blew me away. Not as manic or intense of a Stewart performance, but perhaps a more complex and layered one. But the location work really goes a long way. And the sheer attrition over the course of the film is pretty brutal, not pulling any punches at the difficulty of frontier life, particularly in that region.

Maybe I'm grasping at straws here because it just popped into my head, but I feel like this would make a great double-feature with River of No Return. Am I crazy?

Anyway, Happy Holidays to you and yours Glenn, and to all the people still frequenting this spot.

Glenn Kenny

We just watched "River of No Return" the other night. Indeed, it features many approximate rhymes to Mann's '50s Westerns.

That Fuzzy Bastard

Pudovkin really is unjustly neglected. Earth is an all-timer, and End of St Petersburg has some great moments. Last time I was in Russia I managed to get some of his 50s color dramas, which are not great but... kinda interesting

Chris Labarthe

Sous les pavés, le sang sur la lune!

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