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August 07, 2020


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Glenn, why did the DVD of CITY STREETS never happen? It's sad that so many Pre-Code Paramounts are still unavailable on disc. (They don't get streamed much either.)

Glenn Kenny

I was told at the time that the available materials were not good enough to make an up-to-snuff Blu-ray.


I had to watch bootlegs on YouTube to see CITY STREETS and other Sylvia Sidney films of the early '30s (including AN AMERICAN TRAGEDY and THE MIRACLE MAN).

Erik Nelson

I was re-reading your blu-ray reviews from March, to compare my impressions of Slaughterhouse Five and The Tall Men to your reviews. Anyway, in your review of Hard Ticket to Hawaii, you state, "Julie Strain, rest in peace," Although it was erroneously reported that Strain had passed, she is still on this earthly plain. Strain has struggled in recent years with degenerative dementia and lingering effects of a major head trauma suffered in her early 20s during a bad equestrian mishap.

Thanks for all that you do, Glenn, and looking forward to the next blu-ray consumer guide.


This is beautiful, Glenn. I look forward to catching up with this film now.

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