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March 21, 2020


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Magnificent, as ever, Glenn. In these pandemic times, home cinema watching is probably the only way we are going to get our cinema fix for a long time. Amazon.com has stopped shipping overseas, so sampling your cult recommendations are going to have to wait.

Glenn Kenny

It's been the case recently that Region B imports sold from domestic sources turn up on U.S. Amazon, but as of now this hasn't been the case with "Sahara" or "Meals," which I regret.

Bill Ackerman

Thank you for the kind words regarding our Pray For The Wildcats commentary, Glenn! I just ordered The Anderson Tapes, and I'm looking forward to hearing your track.


Some years back I attended a Film Forum screening of the shortened English-track American release print of AND HOPE TO DIE; it was playing with another North American-shot Trintignant picture, Deray's must-see THE OUTSIDE MAN. Even in a faded Deluxe color print, it was clear that this was perhaps equal parts sharp, ironic noir material and... well, a crazy meditation on the fraternal roots of gangsterism. [Some of both can be found in Goodis' BLACK FRIDAY, but not quite like it appears here.] The heist is indeed pretty loopy, as you note. Ryan was taking almost everything offered to him at this point -- he was already ill, and wanted to make as much dough as he could to leave to his family -- but his performance is all there, at least in the English-language version. [Its obdurate quality reminded me slightly of his mob boss in HOUSE OF BAMBOO.] It seemed a little better than Clément's disappointing DEADLY TRAP, but very weak in comparison to the near-great RIDER ON THE RAIN. I'd like to see this longer version, even if it lacks Ryan's voice. Thanks for discussing this -- KL has been bringing out so many discs, I had no idea this had been released!

You're right about BEAU BRUMMEL -- as a glossy studio product, it's on the money in every way except for Granger's weak performance. [SCARAMOUCHE is the outlier in Granger's career; it's so good, one tends to assume that the actor must have the right stuff... but, sadly, not anywhere else.]

Very nice call on SLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE, Glenn. Fine set of capsule reviews.


Thanks so much!


What a treat, even when discovered six weeks later. I'll go look for THE TALL MEN right now.

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