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January 28, 2020


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Congratulations on the ten year anniversary of what sounds like you absolutely getting your life on the track you wanted it! I'm so happy you had both the personal desire to make the change, as well as the support in your life to make it successful.

Thanks for sharing your experience in such a beautiful piece. I have no real feelings about "Shutter Island," but hearing it weaved into the narrative of your own story is one of my favorite parts about film. Even a movie that left very little impression on me like this one now as added value after hearing how it ended up having such a dramatic impact on your life.

I already love movies, but hot damn. Reading a reflective and vulnerable piece about a movie I've mostly forgotten makes me appreciate them even more. Thanks for taking the time.


Mazel tov. I cried reading this, and also felt mild surprise that Dave Wallace did not come up.


Beautiful. So glad you made it, Glenn.


thank you for sharing this and congrats on a decade




Congrats Buddy. I ran into you around that time or the year before in Carroll Gardens. I was going through stuff myself. I'm glad you are doing so well!


congratulations. and thank you—i've learned a lot from your work over those same years.

Gordon Cameron

I was wondering how you would make your way from such a beginning to 'Shutter Island'. It was worth reading to find out, but I'm sorry you went through all that. Congratulations on your sobriety, and thanks for writing this.


Very powerful. Thank you for sharing that. It's something I needed to read right now.

Tony Dayoub

This is what makes cinema so personal and so individual. Congratulations!

Mike Gebert

One of my favorite lines in a movie is in The Freshman, when Matthew Broderick reads a poem his late father wrote and Marlon Brando doesn't say he likes the poem, he says he likes that Broderick has kept the poem and returns to it. The quality of the poem doesn't matter, the meaning that it has for him is everything.

I liked your story. Congrats on a decade of recovery.

Cory Bobrowski

Congratulations Glenn!


A profoundly moving and personal read.

Craig Kaplan

Glenn, I have tears in my eyes. Truly so proud to be able to read this


Glad to have you around, Glenn! (Also: a Rutles reference in a story like this. Goddammit.)


Thank you for writing this lovely piece, and for sharing it with us. I’m glad that you’re here.


Fantastic, and thank you for posting this. Personally, even with all distance, I’m a huge fan of what you wrote for Premiere. I have kept all the Premieres from the 90s. Even with all its commercial aspect, I miss having film centric magazines.

Shawn Levy

Very happy for you, pallie. This is a remarkable share. Good for you. Blessings.

Nicholas Ramsey

This is such a touching and vulnerable piece to commemorate a major anniversary. Congrats!

I've been reading you since the Premiere days--I always read the "Ask Glenn" column and DVD reviews first. I look forward to reading you for many, many years in the future.


Glenn, I was very entertained by Shutter Island upon its release, even moved in a way that I hadn’t been by a Scorsese film since The Age of Innocence.

Your initial review vindicated that reaction (in the face of a somewhat divisive reception after a few heavy hitters that decade from Marty), but it also led me to probe deeper on subsequent viewings and com to
understand that this wasn’t just a piece of effective genre fare, but something more personal, more resonant, more nuanced. To this day, whenever a new Scorsese film comes out, it’s your take that I’m always the most interested in reading.

You only mentioned your connection to the main character’s struggle in that review in the slightest way, and this decade-later expansion of why it hit you so hard is very much appreciated.

Thanks for sharing, thanks for sticking around, and congrats.

Howard Karren

Glenn, besides the fact that this is a great piece of writing, it's truly heartwarming, and that's a word I rarely use with complete honesty (except here). As much as I enjoyed your friendship when you were drinking, I had always hoped you would experience the thunderbolt that I now know you did watching Shutter Island, a movie that I unashamedly love. Now I love it more. Mazel tov and l'chaim. XO


A beautifully written piece. Thank you.


Very nice indeed, Glenn. Congrats on your milestone. Glad yer around, too!


What a wonderful piece of writing. Congrats Glenn.


Great writing, Glenn. Sounds like you sobered up just in time. Some people have to hit bottom, and do jail time, before they change their life.

I remember hearing another critic (I'd rather not name him) say on a podcast that he got drunk every night in his 20s. And I thought: Me, too, more or less. I quit that lifestyle in my 30s.


This was beautiful, Glenn. Thank you for sharing. And keep up the great work on all fronts.

Chaz Ebert

Such a beautiful and poignant telling Glenn. Congratulations my Friend on a day-at-a-time for ten years!🙏🏿

D Cairns

Beautiful and brave words.

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