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May 29, 2019


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Turned down by Charlton Heston, who thought THE ARRANGEMENT was a loser’s story (though he was interested in working with Kazan). Full anecdote in Heston’s diary book THE ACTOR’S LIFE.

Michael Schlesinger

FWIW, I did have a 35 of STRANGERS when I was at Sony. When they lost the rights, it's possible they junked it, thought it's also possible that it's in the vaults somewhere, unable to be used unless they make a new deal.


Interesting remarks on a pretty trying picture -- and that book idea is worth pursuing.

But Joni Mitchell's "The Arrangement" appeared on her 1970 LADIES OF THE CANYON album.

Gosh. Whatever will the Hunter estate DO with the rights to STRANGERS WHEN WE MEET?


Kazan spent considerable time wooing Brando for the part, before realizing that Brando really didn't want to do it. (According to Kazan's book, the actor used MLK's assassination as an excuse to avoid playing the part. Or something like that. It got weird, as many things did with Marlon.)

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