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January 13, 2019


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The Siren

Ah, such a pleasure to have the Blu-Ray review back. You know how I feel about Under Capricorn, but my dislike is 90% about the script, 10% about the male cast; to me its beauty is undeniable. And the long takes work extremely well at some key points, notably Bergman's breakdown, which no less an authority than Dan Callahan regards as one of the greatest things she ever did. What does Ehringer mean by "kills her off"? I recall the letter Bergman includes in her autobiography, where she says Hitch was giving her trouble about something on UC but "I always get my way in the end," or words to that effect. Should be required reading for those wedded to the idea of Hitch as a merciless tyrant.

Hilda Crane I enjoyed a lot. Philip Dunne can't direct, he just points the camera. But I found the theme interesting; she spends the whole movie coming to terms with the fact that her mother doesn't love her. I was expecting her to chose the boring guy but in the end he was made more interesting than usual.

Do you know, I've never seen The Man Who Watched Trains Go By? Simenon adaptation, yes? And with Claude Rains, the apple of my side-eye. Must remedy that.

Andrew Del Monte

There's a shot in Under Capricorn where (and my memory's foggy) the camera follows Michael Wilding down a hallway toward a door, with no or little music, and with no seeming purpose other than for us to "be" moving through the physical space with Wilding for a moment. This shot to me always felt predictive of modern long take cinema, from Lubezki to Tarr... I'm surely projecting onto the film, but that's how it feels when I watch it. Just one among many examples of choices Hitchcock made that prefigured so much of modern cinema. Under Capricorn will always be in my list of top 10 Hitchcock films, for a lot of reasons. It's very powerful. When I saw it on 35mm with my girlfriend a few years ago, she leaped in her chair when the shrunken head was revealed.

V. Morgen

Kat Ellinger seems to have an audio commentary on every other video I've purchased this year. Maybe she's overextended herself...

Simon Abrams

I'm Simon Abrams, and I'm here to say, that I like reading Glenn on LIFEFORCE (also THE COMPANY OF STRANGERS, COMBAT SHOCK, QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE, THE CHANGELING, and FEMALE TROUBLE).

Mr. K

Glad to see someone else watched TWO WEEKS and thought of "Toby Dammit" (did Fellini see this?). The "Dracula Cha Cha Cha" song also makes me feel like this is a rough draft of a horror film in melodrama clothing.


Great selection as always - a lot of As for B movies, which sets you apart from the pack. I didn't 'get' The Comfort Of Strangers - maybe I was just in the wrong mood. First Reformed has just plopped onto my table, so I'm considering giving Comfort a second chance.

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