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July 31, 2018


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Eric Stanton

These exchanges are a total delight. To inject a personal note, in the midst of a fairly crappy work day, it was a relief and a huge pleasure to spend a few minutes reading this.

Thanks much, Mr. and Mrs. Kenney. Looking forward to the next installment.

Eric Stanton

That should have been "Mr. and Mrs. Kenny." Sigh. Sorry.

Brian Dauth

Kip also function as George Cukor's thumb in the eye of Hollywood convention. He has heterosexual David Wayne play queer and pose a threat to the lavender marriage of two gay stars--Tracy and Hepburn. Then to up the queer ante, he has the scene in the courtroom where Ewell and Holliday are imagined in drag.

And audiences accepted it and the film was a hit. It is as if Cukor put all these queer depth charges in the film to go off at a later time for a later audience (which he did in many of his films).


This is so wonderful.

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