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May 28, 2018


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Always thought it was amusingly symptomatic of the film's misuse of Hepburn that her name is misspelled as 'Katherine' in the opening credits.


Glad you kids finally got around to this. Just wanted to note that this was the second and final outing of Liberty Pictures, sold to Paramount which was mostly interested in the services of Capra and his partners (Wyler and Stevens), whose experiences there were much happier than poor Frank's. Paramount got both of Liberty's films as part of the deal, but sold them off separately because SOTU theatrical distributor MGM retained initial TV rights to SOTU. Theatrical distributor RKO had no claims on IAWL, which went to M&A Alexander and eventually back to Paramount. STATE OF THE UNION instead got packaged with Paramount's pre-'48 talkies in the MCA deal and has long been owned by Universal. That "Katherine'' Hepburn credit is because Universal (probably) created new credits for a long-ago re-release, though you can still hear the MGM lion roaring on the soundtrack. All of which is probably more than anyone wants to know.

Noam Sane

Okay, I'll mark that as "must to avoid." Appreciate the warning. I'm generally up for anything with those two but I imagine the enjoyment derived from reading this piece outweighs any I'll get from the film.

Yer missus seems like a peach though.

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