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December 29, 2017


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Pinko Punko

Portage was mindblowing when read at an earlier age- wonder how much influence it has had on trope of charismatic bad guy speeches? I also feel there is some affinity maybe between it and Umberto Eco in a way I haven't tried to put my finger on. God, I need to read something and get off of Twitter.


I've been keeping my own Soderberghian list of all the media I consumed this year, and while reading this I assumed we wouldn't have a single book in common...

...and then I saw Giovanni's Room, which I'm currently at page 150 of. Really great stuff. I've had it on my shelf for a while but was inspired to finally crack it open after seeing Call Me By Your Name, however tenuous the connection between the two may be.

Also hoping to read If Beale Street Could Talk before Barry Jenkins's adaptation comes out.

Any further comments on the Louise Penny books? Looks like it's a series featuring the same detective character, I'm intrigued.

Brian Dauth

"The Dreadful Lemon Sky" is the peak McGee for me--there is a shape to the narrative that is often missing in other novels. The series never recovered for me after this one.

Andrew Osborne

How many hours a day do you read, Glenn? I want to get through this many books in 2018.

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