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August 20, 2017


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Pinko Punko

Well said, GK


"There is not much emotion in the above..."

Yup. I feel as if you did not perch in the cutting room and lick the emulsion prior to writing this.

(In that vein, I was stunned to real that The Total Film-Maker is so long out of print that used copies cost more than $200. I read and re-read a $2 used copy when I was learning film production, and damn that book is great stuff. Someone ought to re-issue it as a public service. As Black Francis would say, it's educational.)


"What remains true it that the one sure sign in film conversation that you are dealing with a near-irredeemable philistine is a "Well they love Jerry Lewis in France" remark."

Also, if you're looking for a hate-read, the Variety obit is written by FULLY-irredeemable philistine...


When it comes to late-period/90s Lewis appearances, I've always had real a soft spot for Chelsom's "Funny Bones", and Lee Evans recreation of those famous nightclub radio mimes therein. I don't know what role, if any, Lewis played in the scripting process there, but the shadow he casts over the film is large, and ends up morphing the film into a kind of funhouse mirror biopic...


A wonderfully affectionate but fair & balanced tribute, Glenn. So glad I never returned that copy of The Total Filmmaker to the Boston Public Library 20+ years ago.

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