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August 02, 2017


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Matt Blankman

Glenn, this is tremendous. I haven't listened to Lou nearly as much in recent years, for some reason, but I listened to him non-stop from, say, ages 18-22 and plenty in the years thereafter. Ready for another deep-dive. And I always liked "Growing Up in Public," and "New Sensations."


Finally, someone admits that Lou's solo work rules! Every time I read a Lou write up the author reflexively shits on over half Lou's work. In what world is Sally Can't Dance not a fantastic slab of unadulterated sleaze?! Why can't we all just admit that Don't Talk To Me About Work is one of the greatest punk songs ever written!? I could go on....and on...

Matt Blankman

I do think Glenn's on to something that Lou's body of work is more impressive and resonant when taken as a whole - chapters in his life story. How "Mistrial" fits in, I'm still not sure.

Pete in PDX

I really liked that, thank you.


The Bells.


Glenn - Any comments on his album with Metallica - Lulu? I alternate between serious love and just "No Freaking Way." I guess that's a serious piece of art.


mutecypher: Glenn wrote about "Lulu" back in 2011:


Great stuff, Glenn. Worth the long wait.

I'm assuming you have all the Sire albums as well, which are certainly part of the complete "autobiography". New York and Magic & Loss have certainly received a lot of press, but I hold a special place for Set The Twilight Reeling, where Lou is the only credited guitarist and he really tears it up on a handful of tracks. I'm not sure if there are many more jubilant moments in his career than when you can hear him yelling "Higher! Higher!" at the frenzied finish of Egg Cream. The album is often unfairly dismissed as too poppy, Lou being too happy as a result of his new relationship with Anderson, but it's hard to say that after listening to Riptide.

And if you want to consider Ecstasy as his final proper studio album (which I do), what a hell of a way to go out.

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