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March 25, 2016


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Bill Oppenheim

It's comicbookgeekery, but Excalibur is playing as sort of a prelude to "The Dark Knight" tag.

Aden Jordan

"Never go full Karloff"


Rare groove writing, Glenn.

Concise and delicious.


And off-topic, but I'm considering canceling my subscription to your fine blog if we don't get some occasional Blu-Ray roundups.

It's half the reason I spend the big $$$ to get past the paywall here.


Anyone remember John Byrne's alternate-Earth Superman story where General Zod casually obliterates Batman with a single zap of heat vision? Good times.


I've been wondering for decades why no one's ever tried to do a Karloff bio with Irons. Or at least a Frankenstein movie, or Arsenic and Old Lace remake.

Richard Neer

A propos of not much I wonder what you thought about the Criterion release of A Brighter Summer Day, a movie that that this blog (plus Yi Yi) made me pine to see for years. (I see that Petey made a related comment above; everyone knows why this blog has changed, but that doesn't mean we can't miss those great posts!).


Glenn: Since we know (from the fanboys' online comments) that film critics were paid to pan Batman vs. Superman, I'm wondering how much you pocketed from Marvel? ;)

This pretty much sums up the fanboy comments (via the Captain Comics website): "A lot of critics' complaints boil down to the usual one: We don't like superhero movies. We want them to fail so that nothing is made except for two-man indie movies with oblique dialogue."



A bio of Karloff with J. Irons has occurred to me, too!!
Great minds...


Fanboys would totally go see a two-hander with oblique dialogue... if the two were Forge and Storm and the movie was 'Lifedeath', that is.


Apologies for not having (yet) seen the film, but you'll have to explain the Baudrillard (whom I have read... and was likewise not convinced... though I cringe at the thought of being placed in the same basket as Andrew Sullivan) jokes... (and are the JB/BvS jokes somehow connected to JB-references in Matrix, or is that the subject for another gag...?)

Chris Labarthe

My Dinner With Karloff, starring Neal deGrasse Tyson and Jeremy Irons

Grant L

Just took another look at the screenshot above, and got confused. Haven't seen the movie, but from what little I've heard the idea is that they take their fight outside the city so that no one else will be harmed? And that's the city? Whether it's Metropolis or Gotham City or somewhere else, it seems to pretty goddamn tiny for a supposedly major berg. What am I missing?


Two months with no new posts from Glenn. Are we to assume this blog is defunct? Or just dormant?

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