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January 03, 2016


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Robby Baskin

This is wonderful, thanks Glenn.


Thanks for posing this.


Thanks for the post. An interesting detail from the obituary The Guardian website: "In a 2009 documentary about his life, he recalled how he developed his signature style for Peter Fonda’s film The Hired Hand. “I got the idea of how to light The Hired Hand from the villages in Hungary where there was no electricity and they used kerosene lamps.”



Zsigmond's commentary track for the US DVD release of 'The Deer Hunter' is recommended listening, beginning as it does with his opinion that, were it up to him, every movie would be shot in the 'Scope ratio.


Michael Dempsey

R.I.P to Vilmos Zsigmond, a great artist by any valid standard.

And Haskell Wexler? The same.


Well, beyond the merits of this fine piece, Glenn, it also got 2 literal LOL's from me. So there's that too.

(Also, will you sign my petition and subscribe to my newsletter to make IMPLICIT that a "LOL" is literal? I find myself and others having to make it explicit, but it should simply go without saying.)

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