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January 20, 2016


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Michael Dempsey

Gerda Maurus, in particular, is absolutely incandescent in "Spione".


A little surprised Glenn hasn't posted a Jacques Rivette piece, unless it's elsewhere and I missed it? Keeping my fingers crossed.

Last night I projected The Story of Marie and Julien for some friends and I'm glad to say it has some new admirers.

And I'm also drooling over the Rivette boxed set from Arrow that just arrived this week.

Glenn Kenny

Here you go, Laz:





Whatever precipitated the NEW YORK TIMES critic-work, keep it coming. I was delighted to find two GK bylines in this week's reviews.

Grant L

Agreed - maybe they'd let you review that new "Je t'aime, Je t'aime" Blu-ray?


"But if 1928 was the end of the silent era, it was also its apex." -- Luc Sante, writing for the Criterion Collection release of 'The Docks of New York'.

Sante cites 'Spies' among others, though not -- and if I may add -- Jean Epstein's 'Finis Terrae', which looks excellent on the recent (OK, 2014) French DVD.

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