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January 15, 2016


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A genuinely beautiful piece, Glenn.

"a little while after I'd been intoxicant-free for a year, a mutual friend—a well-intentioned but somewhat brash and pushy fellow in certain respects—suggested it would be a capital idea were I to "work" with Brett on some of his life-management issues."

Hey! Who knew? Well-intentioned brash and pushy folks can do right sometimes! (Against the odds, but there are always longshots.)


A lovely piece of writing.

John Merrill

I used to see him on Court Street and wondered who he was. Thanks. Now I know.


Truly beautiful,Thank You for sharing.I only discovered Brett's music around six months ago when a friend made me aware of Breathlessly Brett which i have been infatuated with ever since and share with all of my friends who like me all scratch our heads at how such an incredible record could have been so poorly handled (especially with Andrew Loog Oldham at the helm) much less how it could have been shelved and why Brett didn't continue on afterwards.

I've seen him compared to everyone from Jobriath to Bowie yet I've always sensed Brett was much more his own man than anyone's study.He accepted me as a facebook friend though we did not know one another and I enjoyed reading his posts including mentions of possible re releases of old and newer material as well as his frustrations with the warrant from so many years ago.I was very saddened to hear of his passing and only wish now I'd dropped him a line to let him know how much his music means to me .I only hope he is at peace now and that somehow he knows his music really does make a difference in peoples lives even complete strangers in the year 2016


A beautiful tribute.


Sad and beautiful piece. I knew Brett and hung out with him briefly in East Village in the early 80's. He was very generous and kind, not at all like most of the people in that scene at the time. And somehow glamorous. And had a beautiful girlfriend. I always wondered where he ended up, now I know.

Paulina Victoria

Hi, I was Brett's girlfriend from 2005/6-until 2011. I lived in west Hollywood and he came to stay with me 3-4 times a yr every year up till 2011 and I came there 3-4 times a year with 2010 being the last. He didn't want to move to Cali and I didn't want to move to NYC but we still loved each other and spoke every day, sometimes hours, but every single day up until he passed. I knew all his friends from fairfax high school and Cali and I knew a lot in NYC. He seemed more relaxed when he was with me in LA. There's a clarification I'd like you to make about Cheryl Smith, just that she died of cancer and not an od. There's a song of his called "heard her name" and the lyrics are her. He wrote a lot of songs about his women and even one or te about me that are out there. The one of me is called "summer of love" since it was the aniversery of the summer of love in 2007. I like your writing and I was about as close as anyone has been to him in a long time and I'm shattered. We never stopped loving each other and now I have a guilt of not moving there. It kills me, but I continuously begged him to move to me. Now I am buying a house prolly in the canyon and he was thinking about it b4 this happened. It didn't have to happen. He died from falling down and having a head injury. He needed someone looking after him and when his roommate moved out after two yrs, who took care of him and made me feel he was safe, cuz he was, I was scared to death. It happened only two months ago and now he is gone. Love your friends like there is no tomorrow - thanks for letting me vent. RIP my prince~ Paulina.

Chris Henry

So sad to hear of his passing. I met Brett in NY around 2003. He was very humble about his talent but he knew he had it. After he told me who he was (with NO sugar coating) I looked him up on the internet and was shocked that he had never been a bigger star. Such talent and brilliance!!! From my research on the internet I found a glam rock website based in London that was gaga for Brett. I responded to them that I knew him and put the two in touch - Voila! Brett ended up performing in London!!! I was happy to do what I could and he was pleased to see that people still thought of him. He knew how good his first album was and its release finally after 29 years was bittersweet. ....It did gave him a new found confidence in performing around town and I was happy to see that I had rekindled something for such a gifted performer....Even his later songs were amazing!!! Brilliant, sarcastic, and witty Brett had lost none of his punch over the years. He was no burned out superstar, he WAS always a superstar, just not a famous one.... He was a genius (albeit a tortured one) and a gentle soul that carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. I also had him play at my gallery once trying to introduce his music to a new crowd.....I'll never forget his contentious relationship with his friend Errol, another brilliant talent. They were AMAZING together but always fighting....Nice to see Billboard and NBC New York featured an article mentioning his passing. Every time I look up in the sky I'll remember him....He was a truly great person! I'll miss him...

Chris Henry

And by the way, Brett's version of Solitaire is the definitive version!!! If you haven't heard it check it out. EVERYTHING is perfect and the phrasing is spot on! He knew it was a cheesy song but he loved it....

Steve Dollar

Glenn, this was really moving to read and resonates in so many ways. Keep doing what you do. Thanks for sharing this one.

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