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December 18, 2015


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Yet another year where Glenn snubs Melancholia. This is getting to be a regular thing...


Rooney Marawood sounds like Paradise.


My Top Five DVD-only releases seen (but not necessarily released) this year:

Agnes Varda in California (Varda 67-81) Criterion/Eclipse 2015

Another Girl Another Planet, plus 3 others, in Pixelvision (Almereyda/Hobby 92-97) Screen Edge 2014

Billy Bagg Double Feature: The Adult Films of Bill Lustig (Lustig 77-78) Distribpix 2014

Il Posto (Olmi 61) Criterion 2003

Tom and Jerry: The Gene Deitch Collection (Deitch 61-62) Warners 2015

Walter Biggins

This is great, Glenn, and that Bridge of Spies joke is comedy gold that I literally just got. Wonder if Spielberg did?


I really reading enjoyed this list, thank you, and a particular thank you for articulating my feelings about Spotlight so well when I could not, even to myself -- "every scene as a neat little package" -- so well observed!


I'm somewhat disappointed that you didn't give "Shaun the Sheep Movie" first place, after teasing out the possibility on twitter! Great list. Many titles I need to track down in 2016. Thanks, Glenn.


Hitchcock/Truffaut could/should have been so much better. Seemed more like a DVD extra than a real examination of those famous interviews.


'I Am Big Bird' -- now *there* was a DVD extra (albeit an accomplished one) masquerading as a movie!


Trainwreck was ok. But, yeah, bra sex was weird, and the ending was truly embarrassing (what the hell were they thinking????). I think the overall consensus is that Schumer is a better writer than actor... she needs to write another film and not star in it (with Apatow nowhere around this time).

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