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October 09, 2015


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Grant L

Great piece, Glenn - thanks. Not to go into great detail or explain a bunch of things you most probably already know, but cuing off the mention about how consent works: in my observations and personal experiences, the only people who enter into dom/sub relationships where all details aren't agreed upon beforehand - i.e., where a person is actually fully surrendering control of themselves to another person - are people with serious mental issues, or at the very least terrifyingly bad boundaries. In ethical dom/sub all details are discussed and agreed-upon before anything takes place. There is the whole "pushing boundaries" thing, where sometimes an agreed-upon limit is nudged, but again, that's all worked out beforehand, and the play always stops the minute the safe word is given.

mark s.

Kinsey's definition of a sadist: "someone who wouldn't even harm a masochist"

From 'Secret Historian: The Life and Times of Samuel Steward," one hell of a read about jack-off of all trades, Sam Steward, literature professor, intimate of Gertrud Stein and Alice Toklas, confidant of Alfred Kinsey, (homo)sex addict, accomplished tattoo artiste, connoisseur of S/M, an indefatigable cocksucker who once serviced Rudolph Valentino and who can quote Housman until all the dying athletes come home. Recommended to anyone with an open mind.

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