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September 14, 2015


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Farran Nehme

No, wait, really? Like she was the goddamn Fountain of Trevi? That's awful. **I** want to go to Florence and apologize.

Farran Nehme

(I add, for any literal-minded commenters, that I meant "Fountain of Trevi" = generic Italian tourist site; I know it's not in Florence.)

Glenn Kenny

I didn't invent a word, Farran. I'm still kind of beside myself, honestly.

Farran Nehme

What's especially sad is that (I assume) she was talking to you & Claire in English, which could mean that her encounters with the U.S. and Americans may have been much better, once upon a time. Shit. I only hope she took the two of YOU as typical.

Aden Jordan

That poor woman. It takes a particular kind of crudeness to harass old ladies. At least you and your wife represented Americans in a positive light.


A Nanni Moretti movie, maybe?


Sounds more like a Michael Haneke joint!


Really enjoyed reading this. Few things better than a bit of travel writing by a fine writer. Curious, what kind of shoes?


Pretty rotten I'll admit. But not a patch on the Italian rudies I was (regularly)elbowed aside or line jumped by in Thailand. I'll never forget the horror of the old Scot who'd made the bayonet charge at El Alamein as the fuck off'd him while playing soccer in the interior of an reverent war memorial in that country.

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