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June 01, 2015


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May I suggest you change your official title from "Veteran Critic" to "Venerable Critic"?


"They could be fascist anarchists and it still wouldn't change the fact that I don't have a car." That's the line that pegs it as a Reagan-era artifact for me.


"What actually puzzles me is that "Entourage" the movie EVEN got made. Numbers couldn't have been THAT compelling. Blackmail? Lost bet?"

Very constrained budget. Built-in promotional. Built-in audience for first run and ancillaries. Absolute no-brainer, financially; can't lose money, could well make money.


I'm certainly not going to defend Entourage the teevee show, let alone the unneeded movie. However, I'll watch pretty much anything HBO puts up there, so I saw the teevee show. No doubt it's pretty bad stuff. Far worse than SATC on its worst day. But we'll ALWAYS have that Stellan SkarsgÄrd subplot with that hilarious episode ending. Those 3 minutes paid off the whole rotten series for me.


Or put another way, would you rather finance Aloha at 37M, or Entourage at 27M?

Even if Aloha had ended up a as a functionally working film, making decisions 18 months ago, from a strictly money POV, one made sense, and one didn't...


Dang, I've read everything currently in print originally issued under the "Donald Westlake" and "Richard Stark" names, and a smatterings of the others. AMA. (And can we get a SCR thread not exclusive centered on Stark on him one of these days?)

As far as the Dortmunders go, I counterintuitively wouldn't advise starting with The Hot Rock. I think What's The Worst That Could Happen is the place to start, though Jimmy the Kid obviously makes the most sense if you're coming at Dortmunder from Richard Stark fandom.

And for Glenn in particular, I assume you've already read The Hook, but if not, run, don't walk...

(Finally, why the hell isn't his entire output in 'print' in the days of the eBook? It's a crime against humanity. I read Help I Am Being Held Prisoner as an adolescent, thought is was the funniest thing I'd ever read, and am outraged it's not available.)

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