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March 20, 2015


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"The young Costello doppelgänger is, yes, your humble correspondent, somewhere between years 1960 and 1962 I reckon. I suppose I am so cheerful because the photographer is dangling a raw steak out of frame or something."

Raw steak? Or early an Russ Meyer film?


I see you got a Skittle Pool game for Christmas 1970. I had one of those, too.



Glenn Kenny was born the year Lou Costello died. Coincidence?

Henry Holland

Yikes, 10-key data entry. *shudder*

In late 1968, I became obsessed with Cream's "Wheels of Fire" album, specifically Ginger Baker's drumming. I begged and begged my parents to get me a drumkit. My sister was dating a drummer in a band, I just wanted a kit so. damn. bad. They agreed, with one condition: that I take some basic percussion lessons. Once a week for a few months I went and learned my rudiments on a practice pad from my sisters boyfriend. Finally, I went to my parents and proudly showed them my skills.

Me: I think I'm ready for you to buy me a kit, I want a Ludwig drum kit
Dad: We're not buying you a drum kit, we're not putting up with the noise
Mom: No we didn't
Me: Waaaaaaah! Yes you did!
Dad: Well, no drum kit, that's final.

I told my parents years later that it's the only time I ever truly hated them and they both laughed. Dad: "If it was only that one time, I think we did OK then!". Of course, I realize now that I would have been 21 (i.e. to legally play clubs) in 1980, when drum machines came in, it would have been bad timing on my part.

Pete Apruzzese

So sorry for your loss, Glenn. Wonderful memories conveyed in this and the other posting - thanks for sharing.


Absolutely CRACKING photos, Mr Kenny. Especially the Christmas morning one.

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