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March 30, 2015


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Little known fact: Stanley Kubrick fraudulently staged all the Bond movies on a soundstage. James Bond was not a real person. He was actually a fictional creation of Neil Armstrong.

Grant L

Glenn, just a brief Woody tangent, regarding your review of "5 to 7": I can only think that it was compassionate restraint on your part, not wanting to pile on the film more than you (quite rightly) already did that kept you from mentioning that the movie's poster is a hubristic nod to "Annie Hall"'s poster, and the same with the movie's title and Agnes Varda.


Salon has posted several other articles in the last week blasting Woody Allen. The latest one is headlined: "They really have no shame: From the Koch Brothers to Woody Allen, how bad actors justify themselves." With a photo montage of Allen and George W. Bush.

But Allen is only mentioned once in the article, and in parentheses: "(Think Woody Allen.)"

Ever since Stephanie Zacharek stopped writing their movie reviews, Salon has had some of the most idiotic arts & entertainment coverage I've seen. Andrew O'Heir's pieces are more about left-wing politics than movies.

Woody Allen is apparently the best click-bait Salon has had in years -- at least since Lena Dunham. They used to run 20 articles a week about "Girls."


Can't go wrong with a bit of 1970s Bond if you ask me.

Meanwhile, if you're interested in a Beatle doing the theme for a Bond movie, watch this ...


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