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March 28, 2015


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D Cairns

Badly-composed shots may well be to do with cheap cameras where you don't actually get to look through the lens, but through a little perspex hole up and to one side of it. Thus any shot is likely to have gulfs of yawning blankness at the top and left unless your conscious of it and have a preternatural ability to compensate for it. Absolve yourself!

Estanislao Plasini

Hi Glenn,
as one who went through a similar thing a few years ago, my heartfelt condolences to you.
Do you mind if I ask you what you read by Silvina Ocampo and how on earth you came across it? I've read some of her work too, but in a very non-US context. By the way, do you know by chance if the Argentine filmic adaptation of her novella "Cornelia frente al espejo" (Cornelia at Her Mirror?) has been circulated at all in the States? If it shows anywhere it would probably be NYC. It's a pretty inventive adaptation of a text that's pure disorienting dialog.


Might I suggest you crop that final photo to 1:1 -- just beneath the top of the fence -- as Xavier Dolan does during (appropriately enough!) 'Mommy'? I do the same for some of my shots, even before I found out about Instagram.

Henry Holland

Glenn, apologies if this is rude to ask, but does your brother have a different father or does he take after your dad looks-wise? You and your sister look like you're cut from the same cloth, as it were, he doesn't. Again, sorry if I offend you by asking.

Glenn Kenny

To Estanslao: I came upon Ocampo via two new collections of her work issued by New York Review Books, one a selection of short stories, one a collection of poems. "Cornelia At Her Mirror" is in the NYRB prose collection, I haven't gotten around to reading it yet. I'll look for the film version too. I see it's available on line.

Oliver C.: As I mentioned in the text, I kept the picture in its original crop for the sake of verisimilitude.

H.H.: Takes after my father. Or, rather, my father's family. He looks more like some of my cousins on my dad's side than my dad. Genes are odd.

Henry Holland

Thanks for the response. Yes, genetics are odd, in my family one of my sisters and I look just like my dad while my two brothers and the other sister look just like my mom.


I'm sorry this is the "final" blast from the past. They're fun to read. You should consider doing an entire autobiography by blog posts. Think of all the exposure you could earn!

And I actually quite enjoy the framing of that photo. Intended or not, it works quite well. Also, if you were unhappy with it at the time, why didn't you just crop it in the basement darkroom set up right next to the drum set?


And way off topic, but one quibble with the Woody Allen piece, which I quite enjoyed:

Over the past two decades or so, Allen's films have indeed delighted avaricious businessmen. They've been incredibly profitable. It's just that they do the OVERWHELMING bulk of their box office outside the USA. (Same deal with Polanski's English language movies, which may well not be a coincidence.)


You're adorable!

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