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January 30, 2015


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Nathan Duke

Thought 'Timbuktu' was very good. Would love to see 'Hard to Be a God' and wish that Anthology Film Archives would add some showtimes in the afternoon. Difficult for us outer-borough-married-folk to make it to a three-hour evening show. Dammit. Great reviews, though.

That Fuzzy Bastard

I'll look forward to your writing about Germann. I really enjoyed– well, "enjoyed"– Khrustalyov and My Friend Ivan Lapshin, but looking back on them, I was increasingly unsure if there was anything there besides a great look, and started to maybe feel like I'd been had. But I would love to be wrong about that, so I'd be thrilled to read a piece that makes it all, if not clearer, at least fuller.


"I think both Alexei German's Hard To Be A God (above) and Abderrahamane Sisako's Timbuktu are masterpieces, but they're also films that demonstrate the necessary elasticity of the possibly overused term."

Look, admittedly, I've seen neither of these movies. But I have a VERY strong opinion on why you're incorrect here. Y'see...

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