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November 11, 2014


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Tom Russell

I already had my eye on the Siren's book, of course-- but I'll have to check out Rombes's. He's been a frightfully nice chap in the few encounters I've had with him online, and gave SON OF A SEAHORSE probably the best review it's ever gonna get.



"actually, it's about ethics in film blogging, amirite?"

Finally! A film blogger who is honest and brave enough to tell the truth about #filmergate.

Despite that, would you mind terribly if I pretended you were female, and let a misogynist lynch mob to harass you online with vile threats to the point where you had to move your family out of your home? I know it'd be an minor inconvenience, but it'd all be in good fun.


Also, how "movie-mad" can these novels really be when they don't seem to even tangentially touch on Too Many Cooks? Most blatant case of false advertising I've ever seen. Do these novels even bother to fill your heart with love?


Will check out the Siren's book for sure. I'm currently about halfway through a new film-related novel that is quite engaging so far -- Andrew Lewis Conn's O, AFRICA! It's about filmmaking brothers who go to Africa in 1928 with three aims: 1) shoot stock footage that their studio head can sell to stave off bankruptcy; 2) make a film with their top comedy star, a fictionalized version of Harold Lloyd; and 3) work off a gambling debt by filming a black gangster's wide-ranging scenario about the slave trade and its aftermath. Not sure where it's going, but so far so good.

I'm also interested in William J. Mann's TINSELTOWN, a fresh look at the murder of director William Desmond Taylor.

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