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September 07, 2014


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Yes, I'm looking forward with nervous anticipation to 8 1/2...it's easier to make an exception for films that were dubbed in Italian anyway, even is it is a sort of rationalization.
And don't worry, it was thoroughly obvious you were being absurd...I suspect they did what I started to do, which is start responding as soon as they hit your second point.



"just got the English dub of 8 1/2 in...threw on a reel and started filming, so this is the totally random result, rather than a cherry picked, ideal section. Worst part of any dub is kids, but left them in"

Interesting! Seems competently dubbed to me, inherent kid issues aside.

The acid test, of course, is to watch the whole feature, and once the novelty of the dubbing wears off, (if it ever does for you), whether you think you were better able to have more complete focus on the visuals, and essentially better sink into total immersion of the film.

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