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August 25, 2014


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The last tip I left came with a suggestion that you might occasionally mention the odd DVD-only release. So, this time around, five recommendations instead, not coming to HD any time soon:

Dante's Inferno (Harry Lachman, 1935) R1 MOD Fox Cinema Archives
The Incident (Larry Peerce, 1967) R2 Simply Media
The Marx Brothers TV Collection (various) R1 Shout! Factory
Mr. Magoo: The Theatrical Collection (various, 1949-59) R1 Shout! Factory
The People vs. Paul Crump (William Friedkin, 1962) R1 Facets

Phil Freeman

Two things:

1) Once Upon A Time In The West is Once Upon A Time In The West, but for me Bronson's "supreme screen moment" is Hard Times;

2) in other Walter Hill news, you'll want to pick up the Japanese Blu-Ray of Extreme Prejudice, which looks fantastic. I got mine from http://yesasia.com.

Brian Halligan

Well I appreciate the Blu-Ray Guide a lot, so thanks for keeping it alive. I just took a quick look at Masters of Cinema's region B Blu-Ray of Murnau's Faust and it looks pretty great so far, curious if you've seen it or have thoughts on it and the newly discovered German 'domestic' cut. Eager to see Phantom of The Paradise, All That Jazz and Love Streams.


Putting on my Pedant Hat, it's THE SECRET OF SANTA VITTORIA (no THE); it's the name of the town.

I always liked MAJESTYK because it's quite funny, but perhaps you need to see it with an audience to realize that.


I miss Roy Scheider. What an incredible run of movies in the 70s - Klute, The French Connection, Jaws, Sorcerer, All That Jazz... it's a tragedy hollywood never figured out what to do with him in the 80s and 90s, although Blue Thunder and 2010 remain guilty pleasures.


"You look like I might be in trouble."

Michael Dempsey

Yes, Roy Scheider was extremely underrated. He also rates more than a nod for his harshly witty CIA man in "The Russia House."

That Fuzzy Bastard

I know it's vulgar to read criticism hoping for the warm thrill of confirmation, but... I'm so glad you too regard HE GOT GAME as one of Lee's strongest. As MZS' ambivalent review noted, it's structured more like a fugue than a narrative, but it's so full of greatness, including the single best performance of Denzel Washington's career, that I wish it was more discussed.


I still say it's an insult to Out Of The Past! Yes, the film is good enough, but perhaps the reason I'm so sensitive about it is that none of Tourneur's other films have received the "bells and whistles", either.

Stars In My Crown? Warner Archive (though I'm grateful it was released at all, believe me). Cat People and I Walked With A Zombie? Part of a set celebrating Val Lewton. Canyon Passage? That under seen gem I found in some cheap 4-DVD pack called "Western Roundup". Nightfall? Part of a Columbia Noir set with Lang's Human Desire. I could go on.

Tourneur really is deserving of some more attention beyond Chris Fujiwara's book.


Also, bravo for giving props to Spike Lee's He Got Game. One of Denzel's better (and atypical) performances, and that ending is some out-of-left-field magic, not unworthy of a "transcendent" label.

Grant L

Wonderful, wonderful stuff as always - thank you. Only disappointment was paging down hoping that when I got to the T's that the Twin Peaks box would be there. I cannot stop watching the fucking thing - ...only thing wrong with it is the setup of the box, and that's about as First World Problems as you can get, so no, there's nothing wrong with it at all.

Grant L

And for later Scheider, I have a fondness for Dr. Benway.


"I know it's vulgar to read criticism hoping for the warm thrill of confirmation..."

Hey! Stop calling 99% of criticism readers vulgar! It's not polite.


Off-topic, but I think Glenn is being brave by teaching his course entirely around Linda Williams' Hard Core, with the associated viewings. It's not a bad idea at all from a pedagogic standpoint, but I thought you couldn't do that until you got tenure.

Shawn Stone

Thanks for posting this. Nice to read the kind words about Radio Days--it's a big upgrade from the old MGM DVD.

The Out of the Past blu really is All That.


All that Jazz? It was so-so entertainment, contributed not much to humanity, and that flick was never nobody’s friend. Just kidding, one of my favorite movies of all time. Ann Reinking was great, also, as was the aforeparaphrased Ben Vereen and most the rest of the cast.

As for Spike Lee, I appreciate Glenn's appreciation of his work. Pity he'll have to die to get an Oscar. Pity people can't separate his public persona from his art. He's one of the greatest in cinema and "He got game" is exemplary.


I agree with the comment about HARD TIMES. It is Bronson's supreme screen moment, and remains my favorite Bronson film.

Also glad I'm not the only one who has noticed how funny MR. MAJESTYK is! Bronson could be a loose and funny performer when he wanted -- or when a director like Fleischer was pushing him, who knows.


" ... not just because Pamela Franklin was my first really serious movie-girl crush. (I had felt feelings for Diana Rigg prior to my encounter with Franklin, but I didn’t really understand those feelings.)"

Glenn, we were on the same page there. Too bad Franklin stopped acting in 1981. I recommend the made-for-TV movie SATAN'S SCHOOL FOR GIRLS (1973), which is almost as good as its title.

Don Lewis

I refuse to get roped into another Wes Anderson Blu purchase only to have to re-buy the same film when Criterion puts it out. It's frankly annoying he isn't jjst distributed by Criterion.

Pete Apruzzese

Another great installment, Glenn. Thanks for taking the time and sharing it here.


DVDBeaver just reviewed MoC's blu-ray of The Gang's All Here and you have a commentary track! A+


Grant L

I, too, wish they rework the deal they had where Anderson's movies were going directly to Criterion, but if this is the way it has to be I don't mind buying twice, being that the price isn't huge and (far more important) I personally couldn't wait however many years each one takes. I've watched by Moonrise Blu-ray twice already, and my Grand Budapest once.


Meanwhile it's been announced that 4K blu-rays will go on sale at the end of next year. Everybody ready to buy everything all over again, again?

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