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July 21, 2014


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Congrats on the book! It'll be a great gift for a few friends plus a nice treat for me. Not remotely in your neck of the woods, but wishing you a full and enthusiastic turnout.



Thomas Bolda

Hm, I bought the book in germany a month ago. I liked it very much and watched Stone (I never heard of that film). That is indeed a very beautiful performance by Mr. De Niro.


Congratulations, Glenn. Will enjoy reading this one.


But all of these promotional appearances are on Long Island, rather than in NYC Proper.

That's the most blatant claim of false advertising I ever heard in my life.

I'm tempted to cancel my pre-order of your book in favor a book from Phaidon with a fresh new take on Tom Cruise's couch jumping prowess...


I'm sure this will be superb. Your writing has always been fantastic!


I wish to correct my comment upthread.

The USA Today informs me, in a highly insightful article, that portions of Long Island are actually part of NYC! Who knew?


(Also, given that your book turns out to be Hachette distributed, looks like my Amazon pre-order was for naught. I guess I'll have to schlep to one of those newfangled "book stores".)


Have been reading this fabulous book during these past few evenings. Your writing together with the wonderful pictures really make this book one of the year's best.

Glenn Kenny

Thank you!

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