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June 06, 2014


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I haven't read any of his fiction, but John Green is an interesting fellow, having built up a online followership like so many young authors. He has online videos giving lectures on literature that are, at the least, not dumb:


Steven Mitchell

howdy. this is completely unrelated to the above post, but it's something that's driving me NUTS. a few years ago John Ford's film Wagon Master was finally released on DVD. I've rented it twice, and both times I was annoyed to find that the DVD opens in the middle of what appears to be a cross-fade from another scene (a close-up of a wanted poster, but you can barely make out the face on the poster due to the brevity of the shot) and then abruptly lurches into a bank robbery which concludes really swiftly. I've had conversations with people online who say that this is the way the film is supposed to start. is that really possible? the scene lasts for barely thirty seconds and makes no real sense to the viewer. I know that the credits happen after the robbery, but aren't the robbers given some dialogue or some kind of introduction before the robbery itself?


I haven't seen Supermensch yet, but your review reads more positively than 2.5 stars. The only negative remarks you make are about showbiz stories in general, the offensive t-shirt, and whether or not young people will understand the context of Alice Cooper's career. If you're going to take it below the 3 star mark you should be a little clearer in what the problems with the film are.

Glenn Kenny

"The movie’s nutritional value, documentary wise, is pretty dubious..." I don't know what more you want.


"I know that people consider male urban hipster journalists pretty irritating, but come on."

Love this.

Amy Seimetz sure has been busy lately. Interested to see where things go for her.

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