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June 29, 2014


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Sasha Stone

Such elegant writing Glenn!

Alan Licht

Werner Herzog used Cohen songs in Fata Morgana, if I'm not mistaken...


Hard to top the soundtrack of Natural Born Killers for Cohen fans, though I always look forward to checking out the competition. Seems they wrote most of the movie eating shrooms and listening to The Future.

Brian Dauth

Fassbinder also throws in music by Anton Karas from THE THIRD MAN (which counterpoints well with "Albatross") since Fred Stiller turns out to be both Holly Martins and Harry Lime.


Fassbinder also uses a couple of Cohen songs in 1975's Fear of Fear - diagetically I think (the album New Skin for the Old Ceremony
is on Margit Carstensen's character's turntable)

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