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April 06, 2014


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As a fan of Glazer's first two films, I'm looking forward to this. But have you seen Chris Nashawaty's Entertainment Weekly review? Except for a couple paragraphs at the end, it's mostly an essay bemoaning the tendency of movie stars to make "boldly uncommercial art film(s)" for such purposes as gaining "hipster cred." There is not even a hint of a suggestion that they might do such a film because it aligns more with their taste than the average blockbuster, or that they welcome the challenge of an unconventional role. I think we're in cultural vegetables territory again.


What was it Valerie Solanas said about how far a man will go for pussy? Shiny black corridors might not be such a stretch.


That EW article is ridiculous, and it's particularly weird to pick on Johansson for this, as she's continuously made indie films, or at least auteur films, throughout her career. A gigantic chunk of her filmography are "smaller" films with name directors (Woody Allen, Spike Jonze, Sofia Coppola, Terry Zwigoff, the Joseph Gordon-Levitt film). Granted, she's done blockbusters, but the movies that established her were Ghost World and Lost in Translation.

I know neither of those two films are exactly obscure or confounding, but it just seems misplaced to pick on her for essentially doing what she's done her entire career.

Don Lewis

Such a GREAT movie. I've thought about it continuously after seeing like like, 3 weeks ago. And it IS totally straightforward, I think people just like to overthink stuff that's "different."

The whole Johansson thing is so key too, the attraction/repulsion. I loved seeing her naked and seductive but it's terrifying what happens...as is the goal I'm sure.

The screening I saw had a Q&A with Glazer which was cool as well. While he's not a real verbose guy, I didn't realize that Johansson was really the only "real" actor in the film. The shots of her walking around Scotland and the mall were ALL done surveillance style which is why they're so creepy and natural. Not to say Scots are creepy. or are they? I dunno. Great film!

Mike De Luca

And, oh mother, that sound design! "Metal Machine Music" from space!


as with every other male in the audience, i was lured...like the men in the film...by the prospect of seeing Scarlett Johansson in the buff. well, EXACTLY like the men in the movie, truth be told. i wish i'd had higher motives, but... so instead of having my innards sucked out, as was their fate, i was merely vacuumed of $11.50. willingly: the sound track is just brilliant, i agree. and Johansson plays the whole character with just her mouth: closed = tension/suspicion, a little open = seduction/curiosity, wider = "come hither"/fear, not to mention the lipstick shots. pretty minimal, pretty brilliant.

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