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March 28, 2014


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Bummed to read that last bit about blog traffic. I've loved this week's music blogging, and it's made me want to hear the music too. Hope you don't give it up for good.

Brian Doan

I've loved it, too, and have shared/retweeted it every day (wait, maybe THAT's the problem...). Anyway, I hope you continue to do it, and get paid for it, because this is fantastic, funny, poetic stuff, and deserves a wide and constant audience.

Bob Fergusson

Been there, and hang on to more than makes good sense. I have been collecting music since the fifties, and films since one could start collecting, including several hundred TCM recordings. What has kept the peace and saved tons of room are two things, slim jewel cases and paper sleeves. At almost 70, I realize I don't need to keep the original packaging ( with a few exceptions), cause I won't be trying to hawk them, they are commodities, no matter how emotionally attached I am to them. It was initially a slow process because I did decide to number them on the sleeve or slim case, but adding new material now is easy. Confession, still have about 350 lp's, a percentage that has been reissued on cd. If I had to guess, I'd say I have saved about 60 % of shelf space. Just a thought.


"And also the fact that I don't think I'm gonna have the opportunity to write so much at length for no monetary compensation very much longer."

But aren't you forgetting about the prestige?


Always remember, prestige PAYZ THA DOCTAS BOI...


I feel for you, Glenn. I winnowed my music and comics collections years ago, and now I've started on the DVDs. Letting go of anything from the New Hollywood years (roughly 1967 to 1976) is hard, if not impossible.

But at a certain point you start to feel like Seymour (Steve Buscemi) in GHOST WORLD, with a collection of "stuff" that has taken over your life and home.

Michael Dempsey

I have done the same winnowing during the past 18 months of both books and DVDs, reducing large collections by 90%, retaining only special favorites and items unavailable as e-books, online purchases, or online rentals.

At this stage of my life, vast collections of material objects have for some time been feeling like balls and chains made of lead and the size of the Superdome.

If I'm ever able to move (and I'm hoping to do just that, because for me L.A. after 40-plus years is like Hank Quinlan's future -- "All used up"), it's going to be necessary to travel as light as possible where things are concerned.

It feels good that movies and books can, thanks to today's technology, stop being material objects with absolutely no loss of value or beauty.


Whenever I move, tons of stuff goes into the dumpster. But then I rebuild the collection in my new location! And the cycle repeats itself.

The collecting of pop culture objects seems to be mainly a guy thing. There are women who collect stuff, from dolls to old books, but it's overwhelmingly men I see amassing huge collections of movies, comic books or CDs and vinyl albums.


I add my voice to those who are sad and surprised that the blog traffic has suffered so much in the past week. Ever since you reviewed the Steve Reich (I believe) concert awhile back, I've looked forward to your music criticism a great deal.


FWIW, here's how you write about music for something other than prestige: grow up with Jonathan Richman and move to Turkey:

"In conclusion, Today's Zaman -- the leading daily English-language newspaper in Turkey -- whole-heartedly supports the selection of the song “Roadrunner” by the Modern Lovers as the state rock song of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts."



love your music writing, and about jazz most of all. is there a way to weigh quality of readers and their appreciation as compared to amount of traffic? i'll just chime in: keep it up!!!

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