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March 27, 2014


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Tim Walters

In my case it was Western Culture and With Friends Like These coming in almost simultaneously to the college radio station where I was working, but other than my story is very similar. Everything Henry Cow-related from that era, and most of the stuff from other eras, is just mind-roastingly great.


Given your aside about reduced "traffic," I felt the need to comment. I own somewhere around 8K LPs, and 600+ CDs, and have been an avid music fan since I was 3-4 years old(which was a long time ago). I'm a huge jazz fan, and am generally very fond of guitar players. I have noticed your mention of Henry Cow several times, and I am embarrassed to admit that I know next to nothing about him. This post has finally broken through my ambivalence, and I wanted you to know, low traffic or not, that at least one reader has been motivated to seek out Henry Cow. From my own experiences, introducing someone to a music favorite is no small gift. Thanks.

Glenn Kenny

To DBW: That's very kind. If I may make a further recommendation, I think a good Henry Cow album to start with is the second, titled "Unrest." For further reading on the band, John Kelman's piece on the 40th Anniversary Box Set at All About Jazz also makes a good overall primer.

Happy hunting and enjoy!

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