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March 02, 2014


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Michael Dempsey

Sorry to see that there's so much post-mortem re the Oscars here but none for Alain Resnais, one of the 20th and 21st Centuries' most significant artists in any medium. The proportions seem so wrong.


I confess I know relatively little about Resnais -- but not so little that I didn't laugh out loud during 'Manhattan Murder Mystery' when Allen's character exasperatedly sums up his reaction to 'Marienbad' as, "Who knew they were flashbacks?!"

Now I remember reading how much Resnais was a fan of comics. Like Ozu's admiration for 'Fantasia', I fear it's a detail which will, frustratingly -- dare I say, conspiratorially? -- be omitted from the 'serious' obituaries and biographies.

Grant L

Sad to say Resnais movie devoted to comics was a very mixed bag, starting with the lead performance - Adolph Green has a great face and his accomplishments speak for themselves, but he's a one-note actor. And Feiffer's script was far from his deepest work.

Grant L

And agreed that there should be more Resnais comments here - revisited Wild Grass last night and had a wonderful time, and Muriel's up next. Being that he's one of the quintessential Artists Who Almost Require Multiple Exposures to a Piece of Their Work Before It Begins to Open Up For One perhaps not as many viewers have made it that far?

Anuj M

Wasn't aware that the Hitchcock cutout cameos in Marienbad too; 'he' does make a notable appearance as a pastry chef in Muriel. Thank you for the interview.


My local rep theatre growing up, the Van[couver] East, shut its doors some years ago with a double-bill of the proprietors' favorite films: Duck Soup and Resnais' Providence. My mind was blown.

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