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February 11, 2014


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Di Caprio is the best there was,is and will be.


"One of the great misunderstandings of Shutter Island is the insistence on reading it as a (failed or successful) puzzle movie, when it's really an emotional exploration as acute and horrific and effective as Raging Bull or the short The Big Shave."

Effective, for sure. That I rooted for Di Caprio's character throughout nearly the entire film made me feel complicit in all his self-denial and elaborate rationalization, which I imagine was exactly the intended effect. Initially, I found the film quite disorienting, and I think that's part of what's behind the desire to characterize the film as a puzzle movie.

Michael Rizzo

For years KING OF COMEDY was seen as a one-off, stylistically; but the uses of shot/reverse-shot, the emphasis on what the characters choose to ignore, has been continued in these recent films. DiCaprio himself emphasizes the effect TAXI DRIVER had on him when he first saw it, that moment you realize how sick this guy you had sympathy for really is. That definitely a vein these guys have consciously chosen to work together.

Michael Rizzo

Sorry for that bit of Mongo-talk at the end of my comment....

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