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February 04, 2014


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Stephen Whitty

Wait.. THE Tiffany Bolling of "Wicked, Wicked"?

Glenn Kenny

The same.

Jeff McMahon

I know her more from Kingdom of the Spiders and The Candy Snatchers.


For me it was a now completely forgotten TV series called THE NEW PEOPLE, and a movie called BONNIE'S KIDS. Man, she was gorgeous.

Glenn Kenny

Bolling was never on set as far as I knew. I believe she knew Ron Sullivan/Henri Pachard from back when the latter was directing grindhouse fare. In less-than-fallow periods in the acting career, she looked after his correspondence and such.


A moment of silence for Gloria Leonard, who passed away this week. She picked up the mantle, as it were, during the crossover from the Boogie Nights era to camcorder ready-set-go.

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