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January 07, 2014


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Steve K

I LOVE any movie with Bette Davis in it :)


Steve K - Just watched "The Man Who Came To Dinner" the other night. Hadn't seen a Bette Davis picture in awhile, and even in a somewhat light-weight (though entertaining!) film, she brought her "A" game. Hit just the right note for me on a night with -50 wind chill...

Brian Dauth

George Cukor made a move similar to Rossellini -- breaking the stranglehold/mold of art direction in Classic Hollywood cinema, but still using big movie stars. In the recent Cukor retrospective (a joy to behold which settles once and for all that Cukor is at the summit of Classical Hollywood auteurs), one of the many things thing that jumped out was the consistency with which Cukor toned down the house style of whichever studio he was working for -- there were more blank walls behind characters than in Antonioni (compare CAMILLE to other Garbo movies to see how Cukor streamlines MGM spectacle and what he does in ZAZA to Paramount-style is amazing -- a high point of the retrosepctive). Cukor consistently brings to the fore the interior life of his characters without using set decoration/design/lighting serve as a correlative/response/mirror to it.

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