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December 15, 2013


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Regarding Jean's abortion, we also learn near the end of the film that the club owner has slept with her - which makes three possibilities for fatherhood - as well as highlighting what some artists (though certainly not Llewin) are willing to do to move their careers forward.

My wife thought the Gorfeins were obviously Mike's parents. I think the evidence remains a bit more ambiguous; however, such an interpretation
has a certain richness to it.

Jeff McMahon

I was under the impression that Jean hadn't slept with the club owner until sometime during Llewyn's trip to Chicago - and she sleeps with him to help Llewyn get the gig on the night he gets beat up.

I still think the Gorfein theory is obviously incorrect.


If the gentlemen at the end of the movie is the same as that of the beginning (and I do believe he is), we've got other problems- or, shall I say, complications. The movie then folds back on itself, structurally. By the conclusion, you can't identify a beginning or ending point... he leaves the Gorfstein's twice in the movie, the second time we see him leave he prevents the cat from escaping- and yet this happens *before* the "last" gig (which is, remember, the same as the first one we saw) and the subsequent beating in the alley? Coens are playing with time/fate, trapping Llewyn in his stasis (only Dylan gets to move on). The movie has more in common with BARTON FINK than O BROTHER.

Or am I off my rocker? Haven't read this angle anywhere, still looking... insanely curious for others' takes on this. Last 2 minutes threw me for a loop I haven't gotten from a movie in ages.


A.Campbell--Yes! I've been stuck on this same thing, and haven't found too much online discussing it. Have you dug anything up in the last two weeks?

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