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December 31, 2013


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James Keepnews

Marvelous, Glenn -- I love it when you let your inner music critic off-leash. More for the '14, please. Thank you + happy new year.

(P.S.: It is, of course, the "Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists" we saw at St. Mark's, leagues away, I'm sure we'd agree, from the League.)


You need to make a New Year's resolution to Get To The Frick...


That Bells gig sounds like it was right up my street. I love Jawbox, and Zach is a big reason why.


Excellent write up, Glenn! My musical horizons expand exponentially because of your writing.

Note to self, as a onetime director I really should go ahead and finish up that script on Nelson Mandela I've been working on…

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