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November 15, 2013


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Thanks for the entertaining review. It's always a pleasure to read a well-written and well-considered movie review.

Chris L.

Today's most joyous developments in cinephilia: Soderbergh's KING OF THE HILL and Polanski's TESS soon to join the Criterion Collection. We all know Glenn is strictly prohibited from discussing the former until some uncertain future date, but it's my favorite of SS's, and I had feared its rightful reputation was going to be lost. (Ancient VHS copy can now be put to pasture.) Psyched!


I've had a R2 DVD of King Of The Hill for several years, but depending on the extras I may have to trade mine in as well.

Now, where's the DVD release of Kafka and the director's cut Soderbergh mentioned earlier this year?

D Cairns

You have a typo here: "Charlie, of course, falls for her like several years' worth of output from a brick fantasy." But it's such a beautiful typo I can't wish it corrected, although the line you intended to write is also a very funny one.

Great review, though -- can't be easy to be fresh about cliched material.

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