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November 18, 2013


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"On July 4, dyspeptic Donald finds himself in Ashland, Oregon, with a night off."

It pisses me off to no end that Disney simply won't release their old Dyspeptic Donald cartoons in any form.

Sure, they may not be in toon with the times, but still, just for the historical record, you ought to be able to watch them in some form.

(And now, I guess I have to buy the book.)

Grant L

Completely agree, and as I've been boring other people with since hearing it, I think the audiobook version, read by him, is even better. It came in first from the library, and his reading style comes off much more amiable and, believe it or not, sweet than anything else. By my lights he rips on himself just as much as he does anyone else,too. Was glad to hear the Anderson mention. And would recommend to all that if his Boswells article intrigues you at all, don't hesitate to dive into their work.


Comments on Syd Field Biopic Script:

Having Field die on page 77 seems a fatal blunder. This means that Field is dead ahead of the plot point inciting the third act, thus rendering the plot point devoid of meaning. Further, with Field dead for the ENTIRE third act, the film would play with no dramatic tension during what should be its section of highest dramatic tension.


It seems a waste of resources to even put this into turnaround, as it seems unsalvageable. Recommend dropping the project.

mark s.

I thought 'Moonrise Kingdom' was (rather gratuitously) set in the 60's so that Anderson could rupture the whimsy with a reference to electroshock therapy, but then I don't "get" Anderson's work. Won't deploy the overworked 'twee,' but his films are awfully precious. Great cast, though, esp. Willis.

evelyn garver

It's great to know a musician you admire is also smart and funny. I will get this book for my husband, a lifelong Steely Dan devotee. In recent years, our favorite line has been "oh no, William and Mary won't do.." as our beloved only daughter is a junior at that wonderful school.

I loved MOONRISE KINGDOM and spent my pre-teen years at Fort Dix with a foul mouthed, chain smoking scout leader. [more Alexander Payne than Wes Anderson.]


It sounds really good, so thanks for the recomandation.

Tom Block

Speaking of finding relevant links, I've wondered a few times why no SCR doesn't have a search engine. Would that be a major fix?


"Speaking of finding relevant links, I've wondered a few times why no SCR doesn't have a search engine. Would that be a major fix?"

Google is your friend. Preface your search terms with:


Tom Block

Hm--okay. Thanks, Petey...


17 Amazing Steely Dan GIF's That Will Remind You Of Wes Anderson Movies

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