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November 22, 2013


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It's a nice piece, Glenn, and I mean that.

But as someone who pays for the dead tree delivery, why the hell can't they employ both you AND J.? Why not the best and brightest? I'm already paying for the T Magazine, but Preznit no giv me turkee...


And I don't trust you to write it, cuz you are Insufficiently Sympathetic To Lars, but even so, shouldn't you have a piece in the NYT on Nymphomaniac?

All The Porn That's Fit To Print...


I'm ready to throw another 100 bucks into your tipbox for a blu ray consumer guide for Christmas.....


Thanks, Glenn, I really enjoyed this piece. I had second thoughts after skipping the TT blu of the film, as I am merely an admirer of THE FURY, not a lover, but thisx is precisely the sort of difference I like to know about when multiple releases are available.

I appreciate TT's work despite the premium pricing and stark lack of extras, and Arrow defied all my original skepticism after their awful early Fulci discs, going on to release some fucking great discs over the past year (keep those Bava's coming). If better communication between competitors in this shrinking space of film releasing can help ensure their mutual survival and future releases, I hope they can make it happen.

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