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October 09, 2013


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A fantastic flick.

Grant L

Sounds good indeed - I'll look into it.

Though he wouldn't be in an all-time favorites list for me I've long had a soft spot for Al Stewart, a smart and very thoughtful guy. I slightly prefer his earlier records like Love Chronicles, but his two Alan Parson-ized albums have plenty of attractions too - for me, that sax is the only thing that edges Year of the Cat a bit too close to Smooth Jazz, but there's plenty of the same on Steely Dan records too, so... He also puts on a good live show.


I don't live anywhere near Brooklyn, but in a spirit of solidarity I watched the film at home on DVD last night (thank you, Warner Archives). Very odd movie, isn't it? The main character seemed almost more pathological than the real killer, and I kept hoping the Lorre character would turn out to be just some kind of psychological projection of his twisted repressed violent impulses . . . But the movie didn't want to go that direction. Still, very worth seeing. And the pooch got a couple of good raw hamburgers out of the deal!


I've ordered this on Amazon, thanks to your recommendation, Glenn.

Also: Laird Cregar alert! He looks quite dashing here.

Steve Dollar

I bought the record. At least it rubbed up against Live at the Village Vanguard Again.

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