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October 25, 2013


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Congrats on a new paying gig.

Grant L

Indeed! Gonna be a pretty regular thing?


Yes, congrats.

Brian Dauth

Congratulations Glenn.

One note: I think what will constitute a viewer's belief of whether or not Kechiche "got a little carried away" will depend on her gender/sexual positioning, as well as her relationship (known and unconscious) to her own desires. As a queer male, I found nothing too much about the scenes of queer female sex -- they did not arouse me, but it was nice to have it depicted. I do not think there needs to be (or can be) a time limit on representations of queer sex or a rule that that the mise en scene must be poor.

Having two films in one year -- this one plus STRANGER BY THE LAKE -- where queer sex is not pathologized, but rather presented in its complexity, is rather refreshing for 2013.


If you hadn't landed a gig this soon, I was going to suggest meeting up at the O.J. Bar and Grill...


Also, if RobertEbert.com isn't paying enough, just get in on the lucrative new Meet & Greet for pay option:


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