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September 11, 2013


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Very sorry to hear, Glenn. Their loss. Hope you find something else soon.


you remain the greatest film critic with two first names

bless you


Like everybody says, their loss. (Doesn't make it any less true.)

Looking forward to seeing your byline in a new home, wherever it might be.


That sucks. Good luck!!!


Keep writing. We'll keep reading. Assuming you post it somewhere for us. And don't charge too much money.


Very sad news and very indicative of the general state of film criticism/reviewing not just in the US, but all around the world.

I sincerely hope something good will come along for you soon.

Thanks for everything; looking forward to much more in the future!


"Very sad news and very indicative of the general state of film criticism/reviewing not just in the US, but all around the world."

While here in the UK, Jonathan Romney has been judged surplus to requirements at The Independent, more than a decade after The Guardian similarly gave him the boot.


Very sorry to hear this, Glenn. Since learning of your work about a year or so ago, I've truly enjoyed your offerings. They've been insightful, entertaining and (I hesitate to use the term) educational.

I guess we chalk this up to 1) the holy sanctity of the profit motive, regardless of the quality of the product, and 2) the "democratization" of expertise. There's not much to be done about the first, but I believe it's been informed by a misapprehension of the 2nd.

Since visiting your site and reading your MSN reviews, I've experienced the strange and dismaying phenomenon of realizing the depth and breadth of what I didn't know that I didn't know about movies. While I think there's room to approach cinema cold and evaluate a movie-going experience strictly on its own terms, there's clearly something lost when one can't place a film into cinematic context. And who provides that context? People like Glenn.

MSN and others misapprehend the idea of expertise when it comes to movies, conflating "opinion" and "expertise" as if they're one and the same. Knowledge - both historical and technical - gets left out of the conversation or at the very least marginalized. This is a pity and a loss. I've learned so much from both you and those who comment here due to the knowledge you all possess.

Sorry this is so long-winded. Carry on!

Tony Dayoub

Wow. I'm very sad about this, Glenn. But I hope this means greater things are in store for you, the sooner the better.

Janice Demeski

Sorry to hear this, Glenn. I have always cherished your reviews and love your writing. I hope something better comes along for you. You deserve it.

Nathan Duke

Really sorry to hear that, Glenn. Hope you find something else as soon as possible. In the meantime, anxious to continue reading your posts on this site.


Huh. Do they know you were the only reason I ever went to MSN? You were a value-add.

Matt Zoller Seitz

This is terrible news, Glenn. I'm grateful for your voice no matter where it appears, but it was especially nice to have you writing for a general interest website, where perhaps you could surprise and enlighten people who aren't into the film blogosphere, but potentially could be. I wish you all the best going forward.


Sorry to hear, Glenn. With a talent like yours I believe you'll find other gigs soon, though my opinion doesn't make it any easier. More focus on the novels, I say! Best of luck and I'll be reading wherever that may be.


Bummer, Glenn. You were the best thing about the MSN site, and I wish you and the others a quick return to other work. (Selfishly, I'm hoping this might mean more blog postings here.)


I'm so bummed to hear this news. But glad to hear about the progress on the novels.

Aden Jordan

Your observant and witty reviews are often one of the highlights of my week and the only reason I have for going to MSN. The field needs more critics with your sincerity, openness, and enthusiasm. I hope you find a better venue for your great writing soon.

Grant L

Sending very best wishes your way, and I very much look forward to the novel when it appears. And in re: the previous thread, you've always struck me as someone who's more than comfortable enough with himself to use whatever words he wants regardless of any self-appointed watchdogs...I think you should use "icky" and "rapey" as much or as little as you damn want.

That Fuzzy Bastard

Ahhhhh hell. That's really lousy.
Well, as a reader, let me say I've got no objection to a very prominently-placed tip jar and regular mentions of exactly where it is.

That Fuzzy Bastard

(which is no substitute for actually getting paid, I know, but it's at least something those of us who love your writing can do)

La Faustin

Please set up that tip jar!


MSN is getting out of the original content business entirely.



"Huh. Do they know you were the only reason I ever went to MSN? You were a value-add."


Sorry to read that and I wish you the best with what you have to do to keep on writing Good Words.

Pete Apruzzese

Well that sucks. Pushing positive thoughts your way, my friend.

Jason M.

Man, that sucks. I'm sorry to hear it, Glenn, but I hope things come together to work out well both for you and the writing, be it novelistic, critical or otherwise.


Going to chime in with all the others that you and the rest of those great writers were the only reason to go onto MSN. Hell, I even put up with those awkward, click-through top 50 lists because the writing was worth it. Sad to see you go but excited to see where you'll end up next. Best wishes.


We will follow you wherever you go, GK.

Michael Dempsey

MSN, like so many other outlets, wants brain-dead happy talk and quote-whore competitions instead of witty, genuinely insightful ideas about film.

You provided them reliably, so evidently this makes you expendable, like so many others who did the same before the ax fell on them, too.

Well, it's our and most of all your loss, but also MSN's, though they're without a doubt too clueless to realize or care about it. So what possible reason could anyone with half a brain have for paying the slightest attention to MSN any longer, except as an example of social pathology?

Best of luck for a durable new berth where your gifts will be respected long-term.

Tom Carson

Poor Lex G! Glenn will recognize the Vaughn Meader/Lenny Bruce ref.


Glenn, I'm bummed to hear this, but I avidly add my voice to those who cry "their loss." Keep writing, we'll keep reading. Screw 'em.

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